Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Look, a blog!

I have finally done it! I have finally joined the hordes of people who spam the internet with their lonely, unread, ill-articulated thoughts. I have also joined the hordes of people who start their blogs in this manner. I should feel shame. I don't.

Hello, and welcome. I'm Godric. You may know me as Professor Godric from AVEN. In fact, you yadas are likely to be the only people who ever read this. I can live with that. So, what is it that I have to say, which is different from every other blogger?

Not much, I confess. Everything that I blog about will be blogged by someone else somewhere. I guarantee it. There is nothing new under the sun. What I hope to accomplish is combination. So, I will tell a bit about myself.

I am rather strange. Everybody says that they're strange, yes, I know, we're all special little snowflakes. I'm asexual, aromantic, atheistic, ambidextrous, and I have Asperger's. That's a lot of As. I don't believe I ever had that many in school. As well, I am rather obsessive-compulsive, and have both perfect pitch, and I am something of a clock savant. I'll have to explain the last one. Essentially, I don't need a clock. I can tell the time within 2 minutes, which is about as accurate as anybody's watch. I can also set my brain like an alarm, and wake myself up in the morning. Pretty cool, eh? The thing is, it does not always work 100%. It works most of the time, but I have had a few grievous fuck-ups, which is why I often carry something with a clock anyways. My cell phone has a clock. I need my cell phone.

I do a lot of music. I can play over twenty instruments (and have performed on almost all of them). My main instrument is violin, but I am nearly as proficient on the organ, and have previously had a much higher degree of proficiency with the piano. I can play bassoon, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, recorder (real recorder playing, not the crap in schools), any whistle I am given, viola, cello, bass, electric bass, psaltery, viols, rebec... I have played trombone and baritone as well, but barring those, I cannot play brass. My lips are about 50% scar tissue, so I cannot make the sounds on small mouthpieces. I also fence saber. It's fun. I like combat sports, even though I've been horrifically negligent lately.

Right now, besides being a philosophy student, I am an organist at the largest cathedral in the town in which I live. I also conduct their choir on occasion. I know, weird occupation for a hellspawn heathen, but they don't care, they pay me nicely, and I enjoy the work.

So, I am stranger than most. I'm hoping my rather unique mental configuration will allow me to give some meaningful sort of insight on the world. We'll see.